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Preowned Epiphone SG Special, Upgraded with Grover 135N Tuners and Lace Sensor Finger Burner pickups w/Case


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Preowned Epiphone SG Special, Aftermarket Grover 135N Tuners and Lace Sensor pickups, w/Case
Very Good Condition- Use scratching on the finish but very faint and hard to tell

The SG-Special-1 has the same classic SG tone, look and feel thats gone virtually unchanged over 50 years from all genres around world recognize as one of best most distinctive guitars ever made. But seasoned pros will also love the Special.

Grover 135N Vintage Tuning Machines Set - Nickel

  • Vintage-style "green key" design
  • 3 + 3 Configuration
  • 14:1 gear ratio
  • Nickel finish

Lace Sensor Finger Burners Humbuckers Burnt Chrome

Loud and punctual, we're talking about old school classic grit, endless low end crunch and a punchy, clean top end. The Finger Burners are designed for maximum output and dynamic range, to deliver the clarity and power your amp demands. They offer a superior sonic solution with increased harmonics, clarity and dynamic articulation. The overall sound is dazzling. These pickups will rattle your bones!
  • Position: Neck
  • Resistance: 9.5k
  • Peak Frequency: 2910
  • Inductance: 4.1 henries
  • Position: Bridge
  • Resistance: 11.3k
  • Peak Frequency: 2540
  • Inductance: 5.2 henries