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Preowned Digigram ES8OUT Ethersound Audio Bridge


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The Digigram EtherSound ES8out Ethernet audio bridge

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The Digigram EtherSound ES8out Ethernet audio bridge enables the creation of 24-bit digital audio distribution networks using standard Ethernet switches and CAT5 cabling. 

The EtherSound ES8out extracts up to eight digital audio signals from an EtherSound network and transforms them into analog audio signals for playback. It manages GPIOs and RS232 for bi-directional control and takes advantage of EtherSound's simple, nearly instant setup with or without a PC. 

The ability to use EtherSound ES8out almost anywhere in the audio system breaks through the limitations of analog audio or AES/EBU installation schemes. It eliminates the need to bring all of the audio to a central switching or routing location, reduces cable, cable run, and installation expenses, and greatly simplifies system reconfiguration. 

Point-to-point connections are replaced by architectures that are easier to design and install: daisy chain, star, or a combination of both. The set-up of a dedicated EtherSound network is as simple as plugging an Ethernet cable into a socket and does not require specific IT skills. An EtherSound system may also run within a VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) as part of an existing corporate network. 

Thanks to the inherent routing capabilities of computer networks, input to output allocations may be easily updated without physical changes to the system's topology. Configuration tasks can be accomplished remotely via a straightforward configuration software (not delivered with EtherSound ES8out), or locally on the devices by using built-in rotary switches. 

The properties of Ethernet cables (small diameter, no audible electromagnetic interference, etc.) allow for audio systems in areas where a traditional installation is difficult or impossible, as it is frequently the case in existing buildings. A single standard Ethernet CAT5 cable can replace a vast number of traditional cables, patch panels, routing matrixes, or other switching devices. 

For detailed information on the ES8out and EtherSound technology, click on the brochure. 

Digigram EtherSound ES8out Features: 
• Stand-alone 1U 19" rack mount unit 
• May be daisy-chained via “FROM” and “TO” Ethernet ports 
• 8 mono balanced line outputs 
• Channel assignment locally or remotely 
• Control and monitoring via 4/4 General Purpose inputs/outputs (GPIO) and RS232 port