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BOOK/DVD - Discover the secrets of lead playing! This book / dvd is an introduction to playing in the style of blues & classic rock. It includes numerous lead techniques with an emphasis on phrasing, melodic interpretation, and improvising. Progress gradually through basic techniques such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, & slides into impressive lead lines played over rhythm tracks. Move through the exercises at your own pace. My intention is to give students a decisive style for improvising. They get that by learning the same line with two or three endings. The endings are the same melodically but the technique used to get that sound varies. Thus the guitarist is able to hear a melodic line, and see multiple ways to pull it off on the instrument using subtle variations in technique (all of course within the classic rock style). Each time he plays the line with the music, he can decide himself how it will end. Have fun!

These is a little wear on these, never been used- DVD still inside
They list on Amazon for 35$