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The easiest ukulele method ever for kids ages 5 and up. This fun method teaches you to play songs on the ukulele right away. The accompanying online audio always lets you hear how the music should sound on any computer or handheld device. Three irresistible ukulele experts guide students along---a clever, classical dog, one cool jazz cat, and a friendly alligator who loves the blues. They draw attention to what's important on each page and make learning music fun! Parents can be effective guides through this course, even if they've never had any musical training. This course is also perfect for the classroom.

Selecting Your Ukulele  
Parts of the Ukulele  
Caring for Your Ukulele  
Tuning Your Ukulele  
How to Hold Your Ukulele  
Strumming the Strings  
Strumming with a Pick  
Strumming with Your Fingers  
Time to Strum!  
Strumming Notation  
Introducing the Quarter-Note Slash  
The Staff and Treble Clef  
Bar Lines, Measures, and Time Signatures  
More Time to Strum  
Using Your Left Hand  
Hand Position  
Placing a Finger on a String  
How to Read Chord Diagrams  
The C Chord  
My First Chord  
The Quarter Rest  
Three Blind Mice  
The C7 Chord  
My Second Chord  
Troubadour Song  
The F Chord  
My Third Chord  
Three Chords in One Song  
Rain Comes Down  
Skip to My Lou  
London Bridge  
The Repeat Sign  
Merrily We Roll Along  
Love Somebody  
The G7 Chord  
My Fourth Chord  
Using G7 with Other Chords  
A-Tisket, A-Tasket  
Aloha 'Oe (Farewell to Thee)  
When the Saints Go Marching In  
Yankee Doodle  
Getting Acquainted with Music Notation  
The Staff  
The Music Alphabet  
Introducing the Quarter Note  
Clap and Count Out Loud  
Notes on the First String: Introducing A  
Abby, the Armadillo  
The Note A with Chords  
Note and Strum  
Notes on the First String: Introducing B  
The Notes A and B with Chords  
Notes on the First String: Introducing C  
The Mountain Climber  
The Notes A, B, and C with Chords  
Brave in the Cave  
Notes on the Second String: Introducing E  
Two Open Strings  
Two-String Melody  
Jumping Around  
Notes on the Second String: Introducing F  
Ping Pong Song  
Soccer Game  
The Half Rest  
When I Feel Best  
Notes on the Second String: Introducing G  
The Half Note  
Hot Cross Buns  
Notes on the Third String: Introducing C  
Three Open Strings  
Little Steps and Big Leaps  
The Old Grey Mare  
Notes on the Third String: Introducing D  
Introducing the Whole Note  
D Is Easy!  
Taking a Walk  
Ode to Joy  
Jingle Bells  
Mary Had a Little Lamb  
Over the Rainbow  
Music Matching Games  
Certificate of Promotion