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Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse and the Trip to the City
In the City
Time to Go!
Oh, Dear!
The Conductor's Surprise
J. S. Bunny's Story
City Rules
Nannerl's Lullaby
Review: Staccato
Here We Are!
Review: Legato, Slur
Puccini Pooch
Treble G with Finger 1
The Amazing Pianist
Treble Clef A
Clara's Advice
Treble Clef B
Puccini's Plans
Low G
Opera Pup!
Low A
Opera Star
Low B
Singing Lessons
Treble Clef C
Our New Star
Treble Clef D
Next Stop
G Position for RH
Waiting for the Taxi
Seat Belt Rules
Traffic Lights
C and D in G Position
At the Art Museum
The Masterpiece
Stop, Look and Listen
Nina's Dream
Ode to Beethoven Bear's Joy
Flat Sign
Tire Trouble
The Driver Saves the Day
In a Flash
Sharp Sign
Let's Take a Rest
Clara's Favorite
Concert Rules
Tied Notes
Recital Time
Flying Fingers
When We Grow Up
Follow Me!
At the Symphony
The Professor's Wish
What Do You Think?
I Can Do It!
Musical Row Boats
Love Our Music
The Big Finish