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Grade 2 explores more complex rhythms in carefully graded solo and duet settings with parallel lessons in music theory- just enough to keep students up to speed in terms of what they are expected to play. The book begins with a review of playing in the key of C major but soon goes to F major/D minor followed by D major/B minor. Written in standard notation only. 

Modern Guitar Method Grade 2 features a tremendous amount of playing material for the guitar student. Includes access to online audio that is recorded in split-track format featuring the guitars of Tommy Flint and William Bay. Recorded with the solo parts on the right channel and the accompaniment parts on the left. The guitar student may play with melody, accompaniment, or both!

A Song In D Minor       
A Spanish Dance       
A Triple Play       
Aura Lee       
Balkan Moon       
Barcelona       William Bay 
Caprice       Mazas, Opus 38 
Carcassi's Waltz       Matteo Carcassi 
Cielito Lindo       
Coronado       Matteo Carcassi 
Country Gardens       English Folk Dance 
Dolores       Waldteufel, Op. 170 
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes       
Duet In B Minor       Gebauer
Duet In D Minor       Mazas 
Etude In B Minor       
Etude In D Minor       
Granada Memories (Based On An Etude By Aguado)       
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands       
I Love Thee (Duet)       
Italian Waltz       Ferdinando Carulli 
March Majestic       
March Slav       Tschaikowsky 
Melody In F       Rubenstein
Mesa Verde       
Minuet       J.S. Bach 
Minuet In D       
Now The Day Is Over       
Romance       Mazas 
Rondo       M. Gebauer, Opus 10 
Senorita       Matteo Carcassi 
Skipping Along       Matteo Carcassi 
Soldier's Joy       
Sonatina       Mazas 
Swing Low Sweet Chariot       
The Carousel       
The Gauchos       Matteo Carcassi 
The Happy Farmer       Robert Schumann (Op. 68 No. 10) 
The Hope (Hatikvoh)       
The Irish Washerwoman       
The Plectrum Waltz       Matteo Carcassi 
The Recital       Mazas 
Trail Ridge       
Triplet Duet       
Triplet Etude       
Turkey In The Straw       
Wade In The Water       
Waltz In B Minor       
Were You There?