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Learn to Read Sheet Music for Guitar 

The Guitarist’s Link to Sight Reading book/CD was written for the beginner reader, without assuming you’re a beginner guitar player. Its unique approach to reading sheet music begins in the fifth position which is more centered on the guitar fretboard and on the staff. If you want a solid start towards reading guitar music, and don’t want to be immersed in children’s melodies, this book/cd is for you.

• Commonly Used Chart Symbols & Chord Types
• Learn the Treble Clef, Pentatonic & Major Scales
• Easy Step-by-Step Method for Reading Guitar Music
• Unique Approach Focusing on the Fifth Position of the Guitar Fretboard
• CD Includes Accompaniments in the Styles of Rock, Blues, Country, & Jazz

Tab vs Staff – What’s the difference? 

Tab, or tablature, is a system of 6 lines representing strings, with numbers representing frets. Most guitarists develop a working knowledge of tab early on, because it’s pretty obvious how it works. But it has limitations, such as, there is no indication of rhythm. So, unless you’ve heard the song, tab won’t do you much good. You may have a string of notes you can play in the right order, but no idea when to play each note. Also, tab is only understood by guitarists.

The staff is used for standard notation. It consists of 5 lines that don’t represent strings in any way. It’s a more universal language, used by all musicians; guitar, bass, drums, vocals, keys, sax, or violin. The ability to read the staff will open up communication between you and all other musicians, rather than just guitarists. It will also enable the study of music theory, which is usually taught using standard notation.