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A Collection of Original Music for Hammered Dulcimer & other instruments


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NOTE: The current printing, available from Mel Bay, is eBook, only. Our remaining stock is the spiral-bound book, copyrighted 2004.

Historically, music composed specifically for the hammered dulcimer has been rare. Here are 56 Rizzetta original pieces, including reels, waltzes, hornpipes, jigs, rags, blues, boogie, airs, and music for meditation and healing, that explore all the depth, power, versatility, and emotion of this ancient and expressive instrument. The book includes background about the people, places, and events that inspired each composition. While some pieces require a 16/15 chromatic dulcimer, many fit a 12/11. Melody lines are in standard notation with chord symbols. Many have variations with advanced ornamentation; some have alternate arrangements for four octave chromatic dulcimers. In addition to solos, there are six ensemble arrangements, including quartets, which are useful for groups and workshop teachers. While this collection is most appropriate for intermediate and experienced players, advanced beginners will be able to play some of the tunes. The collection includes originals from the Sam Rizzetta CDs Dulcimer Boogie, Saving Trees, Trapezoid, Flowing Waters, Ocean's Edge, Bucks & Does, and Seven Valleys.

Tune List:

After The Rain 
Augusta At Midnight 
Blackie’s Rag 
Boiler House Blues
Bucks And Does
Carrie Saving Trees 
Carrie Under The Arbor
Christmas In The Air
Cloud Canyons, Dusk
Dad’s Favorite
Dolly Sods 
Dora’s Waltz 
Dulcimer Boogie 
Eagle Nest 
Emil’s Rag 
Esther’s Rambles 
Finches In The Snow 
Fire In The Cloud 
Floodwater Creek
Flowing Waters 
Healing Springs 
Heartland Bouquet 
High Falls Of Cheat 
Jay And The Double Deuce 
Laverne’s Pie 
Lilac Time 
Love Above All 
Maddie’s Garden 
March In The Forest 
Ocean’s Edge 
Patty In The Snowbank
Paul’s New Dulcimer 
Playing In The Mud 
Ragtime Robin 
Return To Texas 
Rippling Waters Waltz 
Russell Fluharty’s Dream 
Rusty Dusty 
Sacred Place 
Seneca Farewell 
Seven Valleys
Shagbark Hickory Jig
Sleepy Creek Waltz 
The Comet 
The Hawk And The Trout
The Hidden Waterfall 
The Royal Paulownia Hornpipe 
Toad In The Road 
Volcano Strut 
Wake Up Rag
Woody’s Waltz

Ensemble Arrangements

Around The Great Hall
Esther’s Rambles 
Holy Manna 
The Reluctant Swan