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Rich Ayala | Guitar, Bass, Ukulele & Beginning Banjo

Lesson Details
Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays
Ages 7+
All Levels

Profile and experience: Over 40 years playing experience and 15+ teaching. Styles covered are rock, blues, latin rock, spanish guitar, funk, R&B, country, and folk.

Subjects covered: I first ask a new student how I can help them and what their goals are. I then tailor the lessons according to the goals of the student. I use each song as an opportunity to teach the basics and beyond of music. There are opportunities to Jam with a band if desired.

Guitar: Rhythm and Lead guitar / improvisation and soloing. How to read music for those interested as well as tabs if you prefer. Jamming with others. Flatpicking, fingerpicking styles for electric and acoustic guitar, getting the most out of your guitar musically through creative playing to enhance your tone.

Bass: Right- and left-hand technique and how to keep a solid groove. Basic music theory and reading notes or tabs for bass, learning the fretboard, how to be a more musical and confident player. Bass playing with or without a pick in various styles.

Ukulele: Strumming, fingerpicking popular songs and classics to help you get out there making music! I enjoy teaching music notation and tabs for uke as well.

Earl Scruggs style banjo with fingerpicks or without. I currently use books that are loaded with great songs and techniques and sometimes will apply these techniques to more contemporary music as students are interested. We can go from traditional banjo to Creedence Clearwater or Led Zeppelin and beyond!

Education / Experience:
Studied with various musicians throughout the years in the Bay area and here in Nor Cal as well covering the Language of music, music composition and performance with an emphasis in blues, RnB, Pop, Rock, progressive Rock and Latin Rock. Continues to work professionally with local musicians in studio and performing.

Various solo projects and Leader of Latin Rock group “Festivalive”. Recently completed a soon to be announced major project.