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Dear performer,

Thank you for playing on The Strum Shop stage!  Here are some important details:
We provide the stage and sound system, sound technician. If you need it, we need to borrow an amp, cables, etc., please let us know in advance!

What you bring?
  • Your instrument(s), cables, amp (if you use one)

Please tell us:
  • What is your setup? (For example: 2 vocals, 1 acoustic, 1 bass)
  • How many vocal mics will you need?
  • How many instrument mics will you need
  • How many direct boxes will you need
  • How many you will be using and what they are (an acoustic, electric, etc)
  • Any other important information your sound tech should know.

What to know?
  • Upon arrival to the store Please arrive ½ hour prior to your call time.
  • Prior to parking, you can unload your equipment through the back door of the store.
  • FREE Parking is in the Oak Street Parking structure, behind The Strum Shop.
  • Enter the door in the back of the store.
  • Feel free to store your equipment in the store in the auditorium.
  • Stage steps are located STAGE RIGHT.

After performance:
  • Exit stage, bring your cable and equipment into the store to pack up.
  • Please do not pack up directly behind the performer on stage.