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Paul Relvas | 4, 5 or 6 String Fretted or Fretless Bass Guitar & Piccolo Bass

Lesson Details
Ages 7+
All Levels

Jazz, Rock, Blues, Fusion, Latin, World Beat, R&B and Funk with an emphasis on music theory, improvisation, developing the ear and playing with others. I also teach some cutting edge techniques such as piccolo bass, alternate tunings, harmonics, double stops, multiple muting techniques, ghost notes, three finger techniques, slapping, tapping, looping, E-bow techniques and advanced fretless techniques. To my students I emphasize the importance of tone production, memorizing and transposing tunes, transcribing, grooving, walking, soloing, intonation, listening, composition, and improvisation. I will also help you find and develop “Your” sound through choosing the right gear that fits you and your style of play.

Paul Relvas has been an active electric bassist throughout northern California since 1978. Paul has played with a variety of fine musicians in this area and abroad and plays a wide variety of styles and genres. I’m currently playing with the notable Sacramento based Latin jazz ensemble “Nagual” and multiple solo projects.