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Jim D'Ville | Ukulele

Lesson Details
Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays
Ages 7+
All Levels

Subjects covered: My teaching approach with ukulele students is a balanced progression from beginner to advanced levels, encompassing essential music theory concepts, playing techniques, and the development of playing by ear. Beginning with fundamental chords and strumming patterns, students build a solid foundation. As they advance, we explore music theory, understanding scales, chord progressions, and rhythm. In advanced stages, the focus shifts to intricate fingerstyle techniques and chord-melody. This comprehensive approach ensures that students not only become skilled ukulele players but also develop a profound understanding of music, empowering them to express themselves creatively. 

Education / Experience:
 Jim D’Ville is an internationally known ukulele performer and teacher.
He has over twenty years experience, and is a Contributing Editor to Ukulele
magazine. Jim teaches both private and group lessons for all levels, from
beginner on up. Jim has taught his Play Ukulele By Ear workshops to thousands
of players in the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.
Jim has taught and performed at major ukulele events including the Ukulele Festival
of Scotland, Kerrville Folk Festival, the NAMM Show, Melbourne (Australia) Ukulele
Festival, West Coast Ukulele Retreat and many others. Jim is the author of the Play
Ukulele By Ear DVD series, hosts the popular Play Ukulele By Ear website, and his Patreon site Pop Up Uke. As Jim often says,
“Playing the ukulele is the most fun you can have with four strings!”