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Group music lessons are a great way to learn an instrument in a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere. With the guidance of the group's well-educated music instructor, you will gain the knowledge you’ll need in order to reach your musical playing goals and fall in love with making music.

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Group Classes

Wednesdays at 6pm: Once per week for 4 weeks (Summer Schedule)
This course is designed to provide a musical introduction to playing the acoustic guitar. Through in-class instruction, individual practice, and playing assignments, the student will learn the basics of guitar playing and notation reading. Most of all, have fun!

Cost: $ 91.69
Wednesdays at 7pm: Once per week for 4 weeks (Summer Schedule)
This fun, interactive guitar class is for those who are ready for the next step in their guitar learning journey. Each month covers a different topic, technique, song or style of playing.

Cost: $ 80.00
Mondays at 6pm: 3 Week Summer Class
The Beginning Ukulele class is intended for individuals ages 12 to adult who have never played ukulele before. You will learn about the different types and parts of the ukulele, how to tune it, how to read chord diagrams and basic chords and strum patterns. Each week a new technique will be introduced. By the end of the month, students will have a packet of popular songs they will be able to successfully play.

Cost: $ 68.99
Mondays at 7pm: Once per week for 3 weeks
This class is intended for ukulele players ages 12 to adult who are ready to expand their playing beyond basic chord strumming. Each month will address a different technique, style or song.

Cost: $ 60.00 - $ 68.99