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 New Classes Every Month

Group music classes start at $80 per month for 60 minutes once a week.

Group music classes are a great way to learn an instrument in a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere. With the guidance of the group's well-educated music instructor, you will gain the knowledge you’ll need in order to reach your musical playing goals and fall in love with making music.

We offer group classes for students ages 12 and up. Younger students may be accepted for private lessons.

Saturday, February 18th 2023
Workshop - 4:00 PM
Concert - 6:00 PM

Joe Newberry and April Verch showcase timeless classics and original songs by way of Canada and the Ozarks. With beautiful harmony singing, breathtaking instrumentals, and exquisite dancing, these two singular musicians hit the state in perfect rhythm, making audiences remember why this music existed in the first place.

Cost: $39 Concert + Workshop | $29 Concert Only

Second Thursdays at 7pm
The Acoustic Guitar Club is free and open to all ages and playing abilities. Bring your guitar and play along with other acoustic guitar players at all levels. Your host, Eric Enberg, will introduce several new songs each month and expose you to various skills related to the material. Eric strives to provide the materials that address players at different playing levels. Materials are provided free of charge.

Cost: $ FREE
Fourth Thursdays at 6pm
If you play guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica, washboard or whatever, and want to get together with other acoustic players, this is the jam for you. Lead by the incomparable Molly Carlson, bring your favorite folk, bluegrass, old-time or gospel song and come join in on the fun. Meets on the fourth Thursday each month at 6pm.

Cost: $ FREE
Fourth Saturdays 1pm
Carla Fontanilla presents a workshop to help equip intermediate uke players with fundamental blues and jazz skills and techniques through chord progressions, scales, and styles to complement their existing skills. Players will explore in different songs how applying varying chord patterns, substitutions, scales, ?groove-driven? rhythmic expressions and strumming variations skills open wide the fun and enjoyment of blues, jazz and hybrid playing.

Cost: $ FREE
Third Thursdays at 6pm
We are a learning session for beginning to intermediate players of various traditional and non-traditional instruments to learn and develop our ability to play new and familiar Irish and Scottish traditional tunes, and learn the etiquette and various techniques needed to participate in a traditional Irish session. We are all learning together and welcome everyone, but intermediate/advanced players who have a great deal of experience with Irish sessions, or who are experts with their instruments should bring their patience and be willing to support new players...

Cost: $ FREE
Last Fridays at 6pm
Aloha kakou/everyone! Come join Keoki & Ho'okane Ukulele for a relaxed evening of Mele O Hawai'i (Songs of Hawaii). Learn some beautiful songs that inspired the tourism trade in the islands (hapa haole music) and perhaps pick up on a few traditional Hawaiian songs as well. Guitarists, bassists, cajon players (and of course, ukulele players) as well as those who just like to sing and have the spirit of aloha in their hearts are welcome to join us for our kanikapila/jam session.

Cost: $ FREE
Third Saturdays at 1pm
Are you a brand new player? Whether you're learning for the first time or have been playing a while, come and join us! Ask all your beginner dulcimer playing questions here! This group is hosted by Dusty Thorburn, an educator and folk/roots music enthusiast. The beginning group lessons are at 1-2pm with a play-along after. Whether learning for the first time or you've been playing a while, come and join us! Donations are welcome but not required. Bring your dulcimer or let Dusty know ahead to bring one for you.

Cost: $ FREE
Second, Third, and Fourth Saturdays at 10:30am
The River City Ukulele Orchestra is a community-based group of like-minded individuals from Roseville, Ca and surrounding areas who enjoy delving into the finer points of ukulele playing as a group! Our goal is to have fun, and to raise funds for the Ukes for Schools non-profit program. We do this by performing several times a year at fairs, festivals and senior residence events...

Cost: $ FREE
First Thursday of Every Month at 6:30pm
Are you a lone musician looking to play live with others? Or maybe you wanna step out of your comfort zone and try playing different genres in your worship sets. Or could it be you?re amongst those aching to play more freely with your current band. Whatever your situation as a musician, come on out and express the goodness living within you through your instrument! This is an open door session, however the earlier you arrive, the better chance you?ll have to play.

Cost: $FREE

First Saturdays at 10:30am
Grab your ukulele and join us for The Strum Shop's 'Free Monthly Ukulele Strum-Along' lead by Dennis Fisher along with Phil and Tina Smith. All skill levels encouraged and welcome. Song leaders will provide playing tips and tricks while we sing fun and familiar songs - golden oldies, classic rock, seasonal and a Hawaiian song or two, are all part of the mix. We share songs (along with chords and words) up on our big screen but you can nestle up to your neighbor and share their music if you don't have your own book (The Daily Ukulele Songbooks - Available for purchase at The Strum Shop). It's cozy and fun!! Bring your uke and your voice and join us for a fun time.

Cost: $ FREE
Tuesdays at 6pm: Once per week for 4 weeks (starting first Tuesday of each month)
This class is intended for ages 12 to adult who have never played guitar before. Through in-class instruction, individual practice, and playing assignments, the student will learn the basics of guitar playing and notation reading. Students will be able to play a variety of chords common to popular music and single line melodies. The overall objective is to provide the student with the introductory knowledge on the guitar to continue playing and learning after the course has ended.

Cost: $ 91.69
Tuesdays at 7pm: Once per week for 4 weeks (starting first Tuesday of each month)
This fun, interactive class is intended for guitar players ages 12 to adult who are ready for the next step in their guitar learning journey. Each month the class instructor will break down a different intermediate level topic, technique, song or style of playing into easily understandable steps. Students will end each month with more confidence than the last in their playing ability on their own and with others.

Cost: $ 80.00
Mondays at 6pm: Once per week for 4 weeks (starting first Monday of each month)
This class is intended for ages 12 to adult who have never played ukulele before. Students will learn about the different types and parts of the ukulele, how to tune it, and basic chords and strum patterns. Each week a new technique will be introduced. By the end of the month, students will have a few popular songs they will be able to play and the confidence to continue playing and learning.

Cost: $ 80.00
Mondays at 7pm: Once per week for 4 weeks (starting first Monday of each month)
This class is intended for ukulele players ages 12 to adult who are ready to expand their playing beyond basic chord strumming. Each month the class instructor will address and break down a different technique, style and/or song; such as jazz & blues ukulele, finger style playing, scales, soloing, and other intermediate level ukulele playing techniques.

Cost: $ 80.00