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Dirk Stockton | Drums & Percussion

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All Ages
All Levels

Styles Include: Pop, Rock, Contemporary Jazz, R&B, Folk, Latin and Reggae

Drum Lessons: Learn to play the drum set! In our drum lessons you will be learning the essential "26 Drum Rudiments", how to be effective when performing in a group, how to read and write drum chart & rhythms. We will be working with a click track to improve timing for situations such as studio recordings. No need for an entire kit in the beginning, only some sticks, a drum pad & a book or two.

Cajon and Percussion Lessons: Learn how to play cajon and different types of percussion instruments! You will discover techniques and styles to create your own patterns and rhythmical voice as well as be able to perform with groups and other percussionists.

As a teacher my goal is to help students find their own power. From ages 5-21, all I did was drum. I hardly even spoke. Having so specific and exclusive a focus in my formative years compounded my psychology in rhythm. I was trained from a boy by California legends including Ty Smith, Bill Douglas and Jimmy Robinson. Now with 29 years of experience and hundreds of students taught, there is no style or technique on a drum set that I cannot teach. Nothing inspires me like the power of my students. Thank You for all your wisdom and strength my champions!