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Dennis Fisher | 5-String Banjo

Lesson Details
Saturdays 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and on Zoom by appointment throughout the week.
Ages 8+
All Levels

Dennis plays and teaches Scruggs style bluegrass, clawhammer and folk  5-string BANJO. Over the last several years Dennis has adapted many banjo techniques to the UKULELE and BANJOLELE. His popular youtube channel can be found under the title: Dr. Dennis, Bluegrass Ukulele

Dennis Fisher has been playing banjo for over 50 years. He was privileged to study bluegrass banjo under Warren Kennison, Jr. who helped the legendary Earl Scruggs develop his instruction manual Earl Scruggs and the Five String Banjo. Having professionally taught banjo, Dennis also has performed for Ronald Reagan and played with music groups around the world. His bluegrass ukulele technique was also featured at the Reno Ukulele Festival. Dennis takes a special interest in students young and old helping spread his enthusiasm for the love of music.