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Audrey Robinson | Ukulele

Lesson Details
Wednesdays & Fridays
Ages 6+
All Levels

Lessons focus on learning the student's desired songs in a variety of strumming and finger style techniques as it applies to the lesson; chord progressions, beginner and advanced; focusing on improving areas of difficulty; detailed explanations of the "whys and hows" of music, and most importantly, having fun, an essential element to learning ukulele!

Audrey Robinson has been playing the ukulele since 2011. She began her instruction at a young age under the tutelage of the late, great ukulele teacher Stu Herreid. She recently studied ukulele and voice with performer, Dani Joy. Through Dani's mentorship, Audrey discovered and fell in love with early jazz. Audrey performs regularly throughout the community.

In June of 2018, Audrey was invited to tour England and Wales as a member of the Northern California Children's Chorus, a community choir based in Sacramento California. She is planning to travel to England and Scotland in the summer of 2020 with the Placer Pops Chorale, a community choir located at Sierra College. In August of 2019, Audrey was invited to perform with Daniel Ho, a renowned ukuleleist, at the Auburn Ukulele Festival.

Audrey began teaching her own students ukulele and singing in 2017; in the same way that she had been taught by her mentors Stu and Dani Joy.