Sandi Padilla – Piano, Beginning Guitar & Voice Lessons

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Teaching Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

Lesson Rates:  $100/month – includes 4 private lessons per month (lesson is recorded for practice)

Music Styles:  Pop/Rock, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Broadway, Classical

Voice Lessons:  Learn to sing with confidence and ease!  Develop good singing techniques; increase your vocal range, flexibility and control.  Improve pitch, tone quality and discover how to use your voice expressively!  Are you tense and singing from your throat?  Learn to eliminate tension by breathing & standing correctly.  Most of all, develop personal confidence in performing and find enjoyment in music!

Piano/Keyboard Lessons:  Positive and motivational approach to piano and keyboard for beginning and intermediate students.  Develop good technique and posture.  Learn how to read and write notes on the grand staff (treble and bass clef), play melodies in the right hand with left hand accompaniment.  Discover the basics of music theory including chords, scales, key signatures and more!

Guitar Lessons:  Start strumming and humming your way through popular songs in just a few short lessons!  Learn new chords, barre chords, strum patterns, scales and picking techniques in a variety of music styles.  Basic theory is explained as we go.

Student Ages:  6 to adult

Student Skill Level:  All levels for voice, Beginner to intermediate for piano and guitar.

Teaching Experience:  20+ years

Education/Certifications:  BIOLA University, Sacramento State University; Sacramento Arts Commission (Elk Grove School District)

Other Music Experience: Singer/songwriter & recording artist; Plays guitar, keyboard and bass; "Artist Discovery" Workshop ClinicianProfessional background singer (Earth, Wind & Fire; Patty Cabrera, Leon Patillo; Sarah Kelly; Aaron Spiro; Lincoln Brewster)

Sandi is also the leader of the Sacramento Songwriters Circle >>

"Sandi is an educated and passionate teacher and fellow songwriter. She is someone you will be proud to have on your team when writing your next song. Sandi has a wealth of knowledge she is happy to share and utilize to give you the best feedback possible.”


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