Get-Togethers, Music Clubs & Jams

Third Saturday of Every Month at 1:30pm

Carla Fontanilla presents a workshop to help equip intermediate uke players with fundamental blues and jazz skills and techniques through chord progressions, scales, and styles to complement their existing skills. Players will explore in different songs how applying varying chord patterns, substitutions, scales, "groove-driven" rhythmic expressions and strumming variations skills open wide the fun and enjoyment of blues, jazz and hybrid playing.

Cost: $ FREE
Fifth Saturday of Any Month at 10:30am

On the rare 5th Saturday of the month, we like to get our jam on! All you need to bring is your ukulele and any/all of your favorite songbooks. We'll do a round robin: You pick the song - you (have the option of) leading the song. This is a low-stress environment where we can have fun playing all the music that we might not ordinarily have the chance to play.

Cost: $ FREE

Second Saturday of Every Month at 1:30pm

Every month a new song (or two) is introduced and broken down into understandable sections. Classes are tailored to accommodate all levels of ukulele players. Hosted by John Sandoval of CaliUkulele. John is an extraordinary ukulele talent who is well respected by our local ukulele community. His light-hearted, up-beat manner of teaching makes learning stress-free and tons of fun.

Cost: $ FREE
Second Thursday of Every Month at 7pm

The Acoustic Guitar Club is free and open to all ages and playing abilities. Bring your guitar and play along with other acoustic guitar players at all levels. Your host teacher, Eric Enberg, will introduce several new songs each month and expose you to various skills related to the material. Eric strives to provide the materials that address players at different playing levels. Materials are provided free of charge.

Cost: $ FREE
Fourth Thursday of Every Month at 6pm

This is a round robin style jam, intended for all levels to get together and play Oldtime, Americana, Folk, Bluegrass and Beyond in a fun, low-pressure setting. Bring a list of your favorites to share or come and pick up on some new ones. All acoustic instruments are welcome!

Cost: $ FREE
First Thursday of Every Month at 5pm

Banjolele lovers UNITE! Bring your banjo ukulele and a few of your favorite songs to share with the group, round-robin style: You pick the song - you lead the song (if you are comfortable with that). This is a low-stress environment where we can have fun playing all the music that we might not ordinarily have the chance to play!

Cost: $ FREE
First Saturday of Every Month at 1:30pm

Join us as we embark on a journey to learn and eventually master the bass guitar. We'll begin with learning the physical instrument with all the setup procedures and parts. Then progress to learning where, when, and how to play all the notes in the least difficult manner. Soon you will understand terms and develop skills to play scales, numbers, arpeggios, progressions, patterns, pentatonics, rhythm, grooves, voicing, boxes, tablature, and basic sight reading. Designed for the beginner to intermediate musician to get you on the stage as quickly as possible.

Third Thursday of Every Month at 6pm

A learning circle (or Ceoltais) is a traditional style of learning tunes. It offers the new-to-Irish-music person the chance to hear tunes played in the style and learn them without concern about making mistakes. In a Ceoltais, unlike a regular session, all players are encouraged to play every tune no matter the tempo. Feel free to make mistakes, ask questions, and experiment at trying to find the pitches and rhythms. Yes, "dots" (sheet music) are allowed, but the ultimate goal is to pick up new tunes by ear and perform by ear.

Cost: $ FREE
Fourth Saturday of Every Month 12:30pm

Mountain Dulcimer enthusiasts of Northern California finally have a home! All levels and varieties of music are welcome to our club meetup. Our meetings always start with a beginner lesson then move into a fun and friendly jam. Some loaner instruments are available (contact Dusty to reserve one in advance).

Cost: $ FREE
First Friday of Every Month at 7pm and the Following Saturday at 10:30am

Grab your ukulele and join us for The Strum Shop's Free Monthly Ukulele Strum-A-Long lead by Budd, Jon, Jill and Carla. Beginning skill level is suggested and we welcome all levels of players. Song leaders will provide playing tips and tricks while we sing fun and familiar songs - golden oldies, classic rock, seasonal and a Hawaiian song or two are all part of the mix. We share songs (along with chords and words) up on our big screen but you can nestle up to your neighbor and share their music. It's cozy and fun!! Bring your uke and your voice and join us for a fun time.

Cost: $ FREE
First Thursday of Every Month at 7pm

We’ve got the blues and we want to share them with you! Come to this free monthly jam along where we will focus on the blues. Both guitar ukulele players welcome. This is a great way to learn the basics and beyond. We will cover variations on the basic 12 bar Blues and the skills needed to lay down a good rhythm. There will be plenty of opportunity to stretch out as we also learn about blues soloing. Be ready to also hear and try slide guitar as well. Let’s turn up the heat!

Cost: $ FREE
Dates and Times Vary

Anyone is welcome to come out and show off their instruments or just sit back and enjoy the show! Members present and play their instruments and allow anyone to pick them up and play them. All the while, we discuss the instruments we build: from the basic one string Diddley Bow up to electrified 3, 4, 5 & 6 string instruments.

Cost: $ FREE