Demetri Besougloff | Piano, Guitar, Bass & Ukulele

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Put my 20+ years of teaching experience to work for you. My teaching method (Fender Play) is the latest and most effective way to learn guitar. It is quick, easy, interactive, fun and painless. My goal is to have you with me for less than 3 months. In that time I want to see you independent, confident and and having fun with your instrument. Possessing the skill and tools you need to do anything you want musically.


Here is a little about my teaching method: Fender Play is designed to change the way beginning players learn how to play guitar through hundreds of easy-to-follow, instructor-guided video lessons utilizing a song-driven, personalized learning path that enables even brand-new players to master chords and riffs in minutes.


“Ninety percent of people who pick up the guitar will drop out after one year, and we see Fender Play as a solution to that challenge” said Ethan Kaplan, General Manager Fender Digital.


“This intuitive platform, as a practice supplement to in-person lessons, allows first time players and beginners to get started. It allows them to learn when and how they want in a digital setting with superior production and accuracy far surpassing your average online lesson video.


Courses in these paths focus on a song-based method, teaching foundational core techniques and riffs alongside lessons for recognizable hits from music’s most-esteemed artists and bands, such as U2, Shawn Mendes, the Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, Meghan Trainor, Carrie Underwood and more. The program boasts a vast catalog of hundreds of songs arranged specifically for players at various skill levels.


Experience, Styles  + Education:

Teaching 20+ Years


I teach your favorite song; Pop, County, Rock, Blues, et.


I received several years of personal instruction from the Master- Dr. Larry McVey (Jazz composition and arrangement). Portland, OR.

More Info/Bio:

I established Rocklin Guitar Lessons in 2002. I have seen hundreds of students learn to play music since then. Many of them you probably know and/or have seen out playing around town. Still, my greatest joy with this job is when I see the gleam in a student’s eye when they experience the same bliss music brings to me.


I currently play guitar and keyboard at a church here in Roseville, CA. Live, Work and Play at home- Roseville, CA. Just loving life. Put my expertise to work for you!

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