Demetri Besougloff – Guitar, Bass & Piano

(916) 625-1651 (call or text)



Teaching Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Saturday

Lesson Rates: $100/mo (4 private lessons, 1/2 hour each week)

Ages: 5 years- 90 years

Student Skill Level: Complete beginners to advanced.

Music Styles: I teach your favorite song. Pop, county, rock, blues, etc…

Guitar Lessons:
1. My teaching style–I want you to relax and have fun. That is what produces great music.
2. My skills (what I bring to the table)–Kindness, Patience, Excitement, Friendliness, Dependability, and a Master of Fundamentals.
3. My teaching method–I like to start with your favorite song. It is the best way.
4. Working together–We bring up your song on iTunes and match it with the best tabs.
This is where I am so important. I find the right capo position and the best chords. 4. Options for lesson plans–Chords and notes(favorite song), note reading and theory, lead guitar and soloing.

Experience: I established Rocklin Guitar Lessons in 2002. I have seen hundreds of students learn to play music since then. Many of them you probably know and/or have seen out playing around town. Still, my greatest joy with this job is when I see the gleam in a student’s eye when they experience the same bliss music brings to me.

I received several years of personal instruction from the Master- Dr. Larry McVey (Jazz composition and arrangement). Portland, OR.

I currently play guitar and keyboard at a church here in Roseville, CA. Live, Work and Play at home- Roseville, CA.

Just loving life. Put my expertise to work for You!

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