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Bluegrass & Beyond Jam

Oldtime, Americana, Folk and Bluegrass, lead by banjo instructor Drew Congdon and friends. First one will start February 23rd recommended for players of banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar, ukulele, fiddle, bass fiddle, washboard, kazoo, jug, autoharp, harmonica, jaw harp, spoons, etc...

5th Saturday Jam

"It is that thrice per year time when we have a 5th Saturday of the month... Let's get our Jam on!! What to bring - Your uke and any/all Santa Cruz Songbooks and a music stand (if you have one). We'll do a round robin. You pick the song - you lead the song (if you are comfortable with that). If you have favorite music to share with the group, bring about 20 copies!! We'll play for a couple of hours..."

Billy's Jam Class for Guitar

JAM Guitar Class is a low-pressure, high quality learning experience taught by Billy Raney. Jam Class consists of four 1 hour group sessions held every other week. Jam Class is a perfect fit for almost all levels of guitar players and will focus on basic chord progressions and soloing. This class will help you gain experience and confidence. After learning a few Jam songs, guitarists will have the opportunity to plug in and play along with the JAM TRACKS.

Aug 1
Beginning Ukulele Class (Ages 10+)
Aug 2
Beyond the Basics Ukulele Class
Aug 3
Banjo Ukulele Club

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