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Beginning Ukulele Class (Ages 10+)

This relaxed group class is designed to get students started playing songs within the first lesson! This class includes learning basic chords, reading tablature, technique, arpeggios, strumming patterns, and some simple, familiar songs.

Beyond the Basics Ukulele Class

Every month a new song & technique are introduced and broken down into understandable sections. Students who wish to be challenged are encouraged to use new chord shapes, etc, while the novice players focus on the basic material. This allows students of all levels to play and learn together, as well as on their own.

Bluegrass & Beyond Jam

Oldtime, Americana, Folk and Bluegrass, recommended for players of banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar, ukulele, fiddle, bass fiddle, washboard, kazoo, jug, autoharp, harmonica, jaw harp, spoons, etc...

Aug 26
River City Ukulele Orchestra Rehersal
Aug 26
Mountain Dulcimer Club
Aug 26
Billy's Jam Class for Guitar

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